Collaborating with German Experts LP2M UIN Salatiga Provides Assistance to Women’s Farmer Groups

Thursday, September 15, 2022, LP2M visited and assisted the women farmer group “Mekar Asih” in Cingklok, Tajuk Village, Getasan District, Semarang Regency. The group is a partner who has been fostered by LP2M UIN Salatiga for a long time in various programs, including the provision of plant seeds and livestock seeds.

In a visit led by Prof. Irfan Helmy as the head of the LP2M UIN salatiga, Prof. Reinhard Aehnelt as an expert in the field of research and community development from the Institute for Urban Research and Structural Policy were invited to provide direction for the progress of the farmer group. In addition, Jaka Siswanta, M.Hum. as LP2M Secretary, Sari Famularsih, M.A. as the Head of Research and Publication Center, Drs. Juz’an, M. Hum. as Head of Community Service, and all LP2M staff also joined the visit. The elder and group coach, Sardi S.Pd.I and members of the farmer group seemed enthusiastic in welcoming the arrival of LP2M.

The event started with an opening by Jaka Siswanta, stating the aims and objectives, as well as an overview of the assistance that has been carried out by LP2M to the community in that area. Furthermore, he stated that from the beginning LP2M was very concerned with the economic development of the community, with the main hope that the children in that area would continue their education up to university level. “Alhamdulillah, many children are able to continue their studies with the help of the livestock seeds that we have provided”, he added.

Meanwhile, as an elder and coach, Sardi expressed his gratitude for the assistance given in the past few years. He stated that currently women’s farmer groups are focusing on growing organic vegetables and can even export their commodities to Singapore and Malaysia. It is expected that in the future there will be more programs provided by LP2M for farmer groups in their area.

The event then continued with Prof. Irfan’s presentation of future LP2M programs that might also target the area. In his presentation, he also praised the tenacity and work ethic of the members of the farmer groups which later became the capital for them to move forward.

On this occasion, members of the farmer groups also had the opportunity to have direct discussions with Prof. Aehnelt about developing their business. As a community development expert, Prof. Aehnelt provides many suggestions related to management, production and marketing.